Plastic & Burns Surgery

Shreya Hospital Provides the Plastic Surgery and Burns specialist care and treatment for people across All Over India.

We provide a full range of plastic services, including :

  • General plastic surgery including ear reconstruction, hypospadias, vascular malformations for children, young people and adults
  • Hand surgery – complex specialist microsurgery to rejoin nerves and vessels to reattach fingers, Dupuytrens, contracture, carpal tunnel syndrome, other nerve compression, ganglion, hand tumours, fractures and tendon surgery.
  • Hand surgery is supported by our experienced team of hand therapists
  • Surgery after weight loss
  • Head and neck surgery – cancer reconstruction, parotid surgery and facial reanimation, facial nerve palsy, ear and nose reconstruction, rhinoplasty after injury to nose
  • Burns surgery – skin and tissue grafting and hypertrophic burn scar resurfacing


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