Home Services

Doctor Consultations

Shreya Hospital offers in-home doctor visits by experienced doctors.


Shreya Hospital Home service provide highly qualified and trained nurses excel in providing quality medical care at the comfort of your home. We give 12-hr/24-hr Nursing facility ,Post-operative nursing


Shreya Hospital provides highly qualified and experienced physiotherapists create a customized physiotherapy treatment. our specialty for home service such as Recovery from Cardiac problems ,Post-Pregnancy Care & Pediatrics ,Care in Neurological Cases,Care in Orthopedic Cases and more

Trained Attendants

Shreya Hospital provides with trained attendants provide long term or short term care to your loved ones at home comforts and under the supervision of doctors and nurses.

Medical Equipment

Shreya hospital also provides medical equipment on rental basis for your house such as Beds and Mattresses ,Cardiac range medical equipment ,Mobility range medical equipment ,Respiratory range medical equipment

Lab Tests

Shreya Hospital in-home lab services let you keep a check on your health with a wide range of medical tests made available to you at your homes. Lab samples collected at your doorstep, Lab reports delivered to your via email with our certified partner.


Shreya Hospital also offers various vaccination at home by experienced nurses and help patients stay safe from deadly diseases like H1N1, Typhoid, Hepatitis B and also other vaccines made available on request all Vaccination given by experienced nurses

Elder Care

Shreya Hospital offers customized eldercare plan for your parents by trained Nurses and doctor s by their regular visits, attendant service, lab tests, medical equipment and Dedicated supervisor who remains the single point of contact

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