CT Scan Facilities

About Shreya CT Scan Center

What is cardiac CT?

Cardiac CT is a non-invasive procedure of using CT scan to determine if you have blocked coronary arteries that may cause a heart attack. This is done through a quick test called coronary artery evaluation.

How does it work?

testDuring the test, X-rays are passed through the body to produce high-resolution, 3-dimensional pictures of the moving heart and great vessels. Analysis of these images reveals if either fatty or calcium deposits (plaques) have built up in the coronary arteries. The test also reveals other structural details of the heart.

Benefits of Sherya CT scan

  • Non-invasive procedure – only an injection of contrast dye via a needle in peripheral vein is given
  • Outpatient visit (1-2 hours)
  • Safer (no risk of local damage or stroke)
  • Unique ability to visualise soft plaque and calcium
  • Normal activities can be resumed right after
  • Lower Cost